• Insights Discovery as guide to improved team collaboration

    Insights Discovery provides insight into behavioral preferences with a simple and accessible colour language and provides concrete tools for the development of effectiveness at individual, team and organizational level.

    With our new online offering we make the power of Insights Discovery affordable and reachable for individuals worldwide with our unique 24x7x365 coaching approach.

Introduction to Insights Discovery

Insights Discovery forms the foundation for different development programs where managers, employees and teams can strengthen their interaction, collaboration and performance using a powerfull 'colour language'. Every person has all four colours in them. Your unique personality is a blend of these colours:

  • Cool blue: making decisions based on correct and complete information
  • Earthly green: take care for harmony and meaningful relationships
  • Sunshine yellow: with great enthusiasm facilitate group dynamics
  • Fiery red: determined focusing on the best result

The unique and personal preferences of people are measured with a short online evaluator. With not only focussing on your quality, but also your allergies we can expand from 4 colours to 8 types. And with the full evaluator of 25 steps we can take it a few steps deeper to 72 different wheel positions and an extensive personal profile, with the unique individual strengths and development areas being described. The profile shows that individuals, teams and organisations can gain power by recognizing and valuing their differences. You can preview a sample profile.

Your own Insights Discovery profile

We want to make the power of Insights Discovery affordable and reachable for every individual on this planet. Therefor we have introduced our new online offering to get your own personal profile during a 1-on-1 session (web-meeting) of 60 minutes by an accredited Insights Discovery practitioner. The profile is available in 30 different languages and the session will be facilitated in English or Dutch and takes places at your preferred timeslot.

Using Insights Discovery in teams

The Insights Discovery profile lays the foundation for our programs with which teams can strengthen their communication, cooperation and performance. During a workshop participants experience where they can gain strength by recognizing and appreciating the differences between people. We have the most extensive Insights accreditation and are therefore authorized to use the following tools:

Insights Discovery basis profile

Each journey starts with an Insights Discovery basic profile. In about 20 pages it gives a very detailed description of yourself including 'blind spot' and 'possible areas for improvement'. The profile is filled with detailed and inspiring statements that can be applied in practice.

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